Friday, 16 August 2013

Things and Stuff #11

Things and Stuff is a grab-bag of things that've been on my mind this week. In this edition: blog bus, Thrones music, raven noises, NetGalley, baby Superman

Thing 1: Starting up the blog tour bus
Emails are going out in a steady trickle. They're actually coming back, too. I'm going on a blog tour! It'll take place throughout September and October. I'll do a whole big schedule post... when there's a schedule.

(The blog tour bus is a refitted W7. It's had a wash and a fresh coat of paint, but it still smells faintly of old chips.)

All aboard for excitement and adventure and really wild things! And Muswell Hill. (C) Wikipedia

Thing 2: this here youtube link
Now, it's possible that this may not be strictly what you would call 100% legal. But it is awesome and I'm really glad it exists. Perfect writing music, too.

Thing 3: quoth the raven: wakkawakkawakka

This raven is actually producing these sounds. This is a true thing that ravens can really do. This particular video is really funny. Now imagine one rocking up to your bedroom window in the middle of the night and squawking out your name...

Thing 4: NetGalley
Not only has Skulk gone live on NetGalley this week, but it's also featured in their UK Top Ten Must Reads for October! Also, they called Meg 'superb'! Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Measured, appropriate response (C) Tina Fey

Thing 5: JL8
Another webcomic recommendation. This week, an alternate universe in which Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Martian Manhunter, Flash and Green Lantern are all in primary school together and it's adorable.

SO ADORABLE (C) Yale Stewart

Friday, 9 August 2013

Things and Stuff #10

Things and Stuff is a grab-bag of things that've been on my mind this week. In this edition: theatre, drinking, ARCs, home and Night Vale.

Thing 1: The Drowned Man

Jessie and I went to see Punchdrunk Theatre's new London production The Drowned Man. It was several weeks ago, and I'm still processing the experience. It was like being in a dream, more literally than I can really express. We were surrounded by mysteries. We walked through strange places and found ourselves in even stranger places. We saw things, and we missed other things, and we were moved and incredibly creeped out and got seperated and found each other again. We imagined that things would happen that didn't happen, and had several what the hell just happened moments. We were told that there was a bar, where we could take our masks off and sit for a moment... and we never actually found it. 

One of the things we did see, (C) Punchdrunk Theatre

I would love to literally walk you through everything that happened and everything we saw and felt and thought. But I won't do that, because some of you might want to go, and for the rest of you it'll be like someone telling you in detail about this weird dream they had last night... 

Thing 2: alcohol
I also saw The World's End last week. I have to admit, I don't think I loved it the same way I adore Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I really did enjoy it, but what with the Gary King character and the way the whole thing is based on nostalgia and wasted lives and the concept of a good life not necessarily being what you think it is, and death and friendship and, y'know, some really self-destructive alcoholism... it was a lot of fun in places and soared past the six laughs rule, probably on the music choices alone, but at the same time it was really, really melancholy. Much more so than either Shaun or Fuzz. I think that fight in the final pub is going to stick with me for quite a long time. 

Also, today I am rather hungover as last night we said our WP goodbyes to Karen Ball, Commissioning Editor extraordinaire who is tragically leaving us to become Publisher at Little, Brown and Atom books. I think we all needed to drown our sorrows a little, because we don't know what on earth we're going to do without her... 

Thing 3: ARCs
The advance reader copies of Skulk have gone out! And when I say they've gone out, I mean apparently there were enough requests that every single copy is accounted for. I'm officially on the edge of my seat, hoping that anyone who reads it and likes it will say so loudly and often and those who hate it will never tell me... 

Thing 4: maybe it's because I'm a Londoner
Some unexpected househunting developments this last week have left me thinking about London and whether I'll even know who I am any more if I move away. 

I was actually born in Holland, though my parents are both English, but I've been a Londoner for at least twenty one years. Whether it's North, South or East (West London is the only compass point I've not lived in), London is London. Whatever you want, whatever kind of entertainment or culture or food or shopping or anything, it's about an hour away on the Tube. I've spent probably more hours of my life on the Tube than doing almost any other thing. There are places in London I've never seen and other places that feel like coming home every single time I go there. 

I just don't quite know how people live outside London, and not in an obnoxious 'oh how can you bear it' way - more in a 'I don't know how busses work or what it's like to live more than seven minutes walk from a supermarket' kind of way. It's silly, really, but being a Londoner is a big part of my identity. I don't think I'll ever stop being a Londoner, even when I don't live here any more. 

Thing 5: Carlos' perfect hair
Welcome to Night Vale is a very strange, very wonderful podcast about a sleepy desert town and its everyday problems, such as strange pyramids appearing out of nowhere, PTA meetings being interrupted by an invasion of pterodactyls, all wheat and wheat by-products turning into snakes, and Desert Bluffs' underhanded attempts to win at football. Also, the weather segment is unexpectedly brilliant. Here is some beautiful fan art: 

As made by the rather absurdly talented alackoforder on Tumblr
You can download the episodes on iTunes or from Commonplace Books' website.

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